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Can I unload the automatic bobbin when I only want to use manual or oral tube to inflatable ?

Can I use any kind of cartridge for inflate device?

Can the lifejacket be involuntarily inflated by rain and spray water?

Can´t I buy the lifejacket for my son a little bit bigger, then he can grow into it ? (instead of Mini- Junior, or Junior- Survival for adults)?

How do I have to store my lifejacket?

How long is the life time of a lifejacket?

I have never used my lifejacket, why should I have it serviced?

My lifejacket has never been used and looks like new. Can I now use it without any worries after 15 years?

What is a Newton?

What purpose does the back mesh part serve?

Why does the (Survival-) lifejacket not have a crotch strap any more?

Will the dog's vest also save my cat?

Why does the lifejacket only have one D-ring?

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